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Flowing Matter 2016


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Second general conference of the COST Action Flowing Matter

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Flash Talk Award Francisco Alarcón Oseguera


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Franciso Alarcón got the award of best Flash Talk at the Interdisciplinary Meeting of PhD students of the University of Barcelona (2015)

Launch event of E-CAM Center of Excellence


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Launch event of E-CAM Center of Excellence in Dublin

Recent publications

Universal evolution of a viscous-capillary spreading drop

S.P. Thampi, I. Pagonabarraga, R. Adhikari and R. Govindarajan

Soft Matter 12 6073 (2016)

Energy-conserving coarse graining of complex molecules

P. Español, M. Serrano, I. Pagonabarraga and I. Zúñiga

Soft Matter 12 4821 (2016)

Entropically-induced asymmetric passage times of charged tracers across corrugated channels

P. Malgaretti, I. Pagonabarraga, J.M. Rubí

J. Chem. Phys. 144 034901 (2016)